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2022 Momentum-CCG Campus Plan Updates Overview


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The Momentum/Complete College Georgia Campus Plan Updates provide an opportunity for your institution to reflect on the work you have underway and highlight your completion successes and challenges. Your 2022 Update should build on the Momentum Plan your institution submitted in March 2022. This should streamline the reports and continues our efforts to reduce reporting while improving our understanding of what work is critical on your campus.

For 2022, the Campus Plan Updates require only the narrative update; a strategy survey is not a component of the 2022 Updates. Our goals for the 2022 Updates are to understand your progress, identify opportunities for collaborative support and assistance, and highlight your success.

Campus Updates should be submitted to the System Office by November 9, 2022.

Campus Plan Components

NEW FOR 2022

What's New for 2022

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  • Campus Plan Update Structure Fully Aligned with Momenutm Plans
  • Qlik Data Visualizations

Campus Plan Update Structure

The 2022 Momentum/CCG Updates update the Momentum Plan that you submitted in March. The template included is essentially identical to section one of the template provided at the Momentum Summit, with the addition of the Institutional Mission and Student Body Profile section. If you used the template, you are asked to briefly update the “Progress and Adjustments,” “Plan for the year ahead,” and “challenges and support”sections as appropriate. If there is new data to highlight, please let us know. Only section 1 of your Momentum Plan needs to be updated; you do not need to update Section 2 (Reflecting on your Momentum Work & Minding the Gaps) or Section 3 (Lessons from the Pandemic), although if you have further insights to add – especially if you have any answers to questions you are still working on. If you did not use the template, you can update the document you submitted in a similar fashion.

Of course, we understand that you have outstanding work across your campus, some of which may not have been included in your Momentum Plan. You are welcome to amend your submission to include this work as well.

CCG Data & Data Visualizations

Beginning in 2020 the System Office provided institutions with data workbooks from the Academic Data Collection across a range of common indicators to supplement institutional reporting as data visualizations in Qlik. Data in the Qlik apps can also be downloaded for further local analysis.  Additional CCG data will be distributed in late-July.

It is hoped that the data visualizations will allow you to investigate your institution’s status and progress and share this across your campus in a more readily digestible form.  The data visualizations are available to Qlik certificate holders at your institution. We have attempted to make sure that the CCG/Momentum point of contact for each institution has a Qlik license, but if this is not the case, please let us know. 

No Strategy Survey

A Strategy Survey is not a component of the Updates this year. We will revisit and evaluate the benefits of the Survey for 2023, so if there are areas where you would like to have some System-wide insight into tool, strategy, or tactics deployment, please let us know.



The 2022 CCG-Momentum Updates are updates on your Momentum Plans submitted in March 2022.

If you used the template, you are asked to briefly update the “Progress and Adjustments,” “Plan for the year ahead,” and “challenges and support”sections as appropriate. If there is new data to highlight, please let us know. Only section 1 of the Momentum Plan needs to be updated. The only additional section that is needed is your Institutional Mission and Student Boday Profile, which provides context to your work for stakeholders reading your update.

Section 1. Institutional Mission and Student Body Profile 

Provide a brief overview of your institutional mission and student body profile.  Please briefly describe enrollment trends, demographics (for example, % Pell grant-eligible, % first-generation college students, % adult learners), and how your institutional mission influences your completion work’s key priorities. In this section, report on your benchmark, aspirational, and competitor institution(s).

Section 2: Your Student Success Inventory (Section 1 of the Momentum Plans)

Section 2 of the Update template revisits the inventory of your high priority/high impact activities on Student Success from your 2022 Momentum Plan. You are invited to provide a brief update on your “Big Idea” from 2021 (if any), and on your progress and plans for expanding support and engagement with Momentum more broadly across your campus.

Section 3: Optional Supplemental Updates

If there are elements of your critical CCG/student success work that is not detailed above that you wish to provide an update on, please use this section to indicate this.

No Limits on Strategies; Reasonable Limits on Length 

You are encouraged to provide as much detail and information as would be appropriate to tell your story. Because of this, we aren’t setting a limit on the length of your update, but if you find your update increasing the length of your originally submitted plan by 10 pages, please contact us. You are able to include any data tables you like in appendices, which do not count in that total.

Campus Plan Updates are due to the System Office by November 9. Plan should be submitted as a Microsoft Word file on the web at Appendices (if any) should be submitted as a separate file.

Questions on your update can be directed to Jonathan Watts Hull at, 404-962-3129.