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Momentum Summit VII Planning Resources

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Reflecting on Your Work Student Success Inventory   Download these Instructions

We ask that institutions submit their Momentum Summit Plans (Reflection and Success Inventory) as a combined Word file to the System Office by Friday, March 22.

Your plan for Momentum for the coming year should build on the foundation of your existing work. To do this, for 2024, we ask that you reflect on your current commitments to student success, evaluate their progress, and assess what adjustments you need to make. This assessment should take place in the context of the overall success of your students, your institutional goals or objectives, and your progress toward these.

This is an opportunity to bring together what you have learned from your team’s reflections on the work over the past year, from other institutions through the Momentum Summit, and from current discussions in the field.

How to use the planning template

The planning template is intended as a guide for institutional discussions and is the preferred format for submitting your 2024 Momentum Plan. The sections are identical to the planning document and CCG Updates for 2023. You are invited to use those documents as the starting point. If you are updating existing plans, please review the sections to ensure they include the relevant details. Two notes: 1) please ensure that the project description provides sufficient detail for someone from outside your institution to understand your work, and; 2) please consider whether your KPIs are specifically linked to what you are trying to accomplish; additionally, you should include measures that can inform you of your progress along the way.

Institutions are welcome to use an alternative process and reporting structure if something else better aligns with your institutional processes, although we ask that your plan submission provide similar information. There are two primary sections:

  1. Reflecting on your work (download the reflection template in Word)
  2. Student Success Inventory (download the Inventory template in Word)

Each section is provided as a separate template. You may create multiple Inventory (Section 2) documents or one document with multiple tables, so long as the final submission includes all of the work you wish to report on.

The primary focus of the Momentum Summit VII is to take reflect on the impact of your work, and where you may need to focus efforts to achieve the outcomes you want. Following up on the theme of taking stock from last year’s Summit, we ask that you reflect upon the outcomes of the past year and what you can learn from your work. 

Using your 2023 Momentum Plan and Update as starting points, complete the Student Success Inventory for those high priority, high impact projects that you are planning to continue in the coming year. This inventory can help you understand how your resources are being deployed, to what end, and how you can understand the impact of your work. It should also help to inform your reflection in section 2 to point to where you have been successful, and where you need to seek improvement.

For 2024, the Momentum Framework (Purpose, Pathways and Mindset) remains the organizing structure for understanding success work on campus, with continued attention to change management and data and communications to support your efforts across and among these pillars.