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Policy Center

University System of Georgia policies and procedures determine what 30 institutions of higher education may do, what they’re encouraged to do, and what they’re not encouraged to do. Policy may also constrain or enable the creative thinking required to envision new methods to achieve student learning and success—the type of thinking necessary to make progress toward the state’s college completion goals. Policy also, however, serves as a protector of quality, consistency, and equity.

Given policy’s role in nearly all aspects of college completion and the need for preservation of quality and consistency in service to students, faculty, and staff, USG Academic Affairs formed the Policy Review Task Force for College Completion to engage in analytical and inclusive deliberation within the context of completion, develop an agenda for policy change (both priority areas and recommendations, where practical), and recommend ways to improve the process through which policy is crafted, communicated, and updated

2012 Policy Review Task Force & the Current Review Process

The University System of Georgia during September 2012 established an initial Completion Policy Review Task Force with campus and system representatives from all functional areas, as well as faculty and students. As they begin to examine policy and make recommendations, we need your ideas and feedback to inform their work. The work of this group gave impetus to the current process for considering and revieing policy.  Background and recommendations from this group are available here. More information about the current process can be found here.

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To submit a policy for review, please use our online form.