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Policy Submission Form

University System of Georgia policies and procedures determine what 30 institutions of higher education may do, what they’re encouraged to do, and what they’re not encouraged to do. Policy may also constrain or enable the creative thinking required to envision new methods to achieve student learning and success—the type of thinking necessary to make progress toward the state’s college completion goals. Policy also, however, serves as a protector of quality, consistency, and equity.

Given policy’s role in nearly all aspects of college completion and the need for preservation of quality and consistency in service to students, faculty, and staff, we have developed a policy review process that engages system office staff and USG institutions (typically through existing or newly formed content expert committees).

We want to ensure our policies are aligned with the spirit of college completion. The aim of this policy review process is to assess which policies may be unintentionally creating barriers for our students and limiting creativity on our campuses as well as to determine what policies are not currently in place that could support student success.

Please consider policies to be submitted for review.  Submissions will be sent to the USG Completion Policy and Procedure Committee for initial review.  Please expect an update on your submission within approximately 30 days of receipt.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Jonathan Watts Hull at

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Please list and describe the policy and/or procedural issue for review
Is there current systemwide policy or procedure on this issue? (If so, please include the title, reference and/or link to the existing policy or procedure)
Please very briefly state how does this policy and/or procedure affect college readiness, access, retention, progression and/or graduation.
Please briefly describe if this policy and/or procedure has any external constraints that should be considered (such as federal policy regulations, SACSCOC regulations, etc.)
Assessed for the impact it could have on USG students?
Assessed for the impact it could have on USG institutions?
Discussed among an existing a committee, a working group, task force, etc. such as a Regents Advisory Committee (please note that an issue that has been examined by an existing group will be expedited through the review process)?
Observed at multiple USG institutions